What is GreenX ?

GreenX is one of the world’s leading Shariah-Compliant and ESG Digital Assets Exchange in the world that allows users to buy and sell digital assets with cash. Our vision is to provide our users with a trusted and secured online platform and building a diverse ecosystem of products and services. GreenX focus on asset backed digital assets via licensed and regulated tokenization processes.


GreenX is fully compliant with all the requirements and received conditional approval from Labuan Financial Services Authority (Lembaga Perkhidmatan Kewangan Labuan) on 28 April 2022 pursuant to Section 134 of the Labuan Financial Services and Securities Act 2010 (LFSSA).


  • With the empowerment of world-leading technologies, the hot and cold wallet of GreenX are bringing a top-rated security and safety to your digital assets.
  • GreenX even raises the bar of the security of digital assets to a bancassurance level by employing independent 3rd party auditors to review our internal operational processes.
  • Annual Penetration tests are conducted across all dimensions of our internet-facing assets.


  • You are enabled to withdraw Malaysian Ringgit and USD from our banking partners.
  • You will experience a unique integrated financial services for your digital asset, from online transactions to offline asset management.
  • GreenX is set to provide assistance at each step of your operations on our platform.

Is your platform safe?

Safety of Greenx platform is our top priority. We use a combination of encryption, API configuration, and technical safeguards to protect our users' accounts. Additionally, our system filters all incoming requests to get any confidential information about our customers' data.

Your account is protected

  • All user data undergoes AES-256 encryption and remains completely confidential. Even their individual fragments (both encrypted and not) are never transmitted to clients.
  • The hashing of your credentials is implemented on the platform via RSA-2048 encryption.
  • Each request to the system passes through tested and secure protocols with SSL certification.
  • Complex password support. You can use a long and mixed password with a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols.
  • Multi-factor authentication (2FA) with confirmation of the one-time password generated by the device. This is a free and autonomous service we encourage every customer to use.
  • All successful and failed login attempts are recorded with timestamps, IP addresses, and user locations. It automatically checks the authenticity of the e-mail, which cannot be fictitious.
  • Failed login attempts (exceed the designated limit) result in blocking the account and IP address for an extended period of time.
  • Use of heuristic algorithms to monitor the unusual activity on the account. Upon detection, any access to your account is immediately blocked, and all active sessions are terminated.
  • All user information is stored on a secure network, that no one outside of the company has access to. It is protected by a firewall, and even inside Greenx, only a few people have access to this network.

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