Security Token Launch Process

Issue your security token under Labuan Financial Services Authority's Digital Asset Token Offering (DATO) framework

Step 1

Discuss the project

Schedule a call with us to help us get an understanding of your company

Step 2

Document preparation for regulatory review

Prepare required documents such as: Audit report, valuation report and offering memorandum for Labuan Financial Services Authority’s regulatory review

Step 3

Token creation and primary offering

Once the project has been approved, we will create the security token and list it onto our security token exchange - Investor Portal


Fundraise with a proven Regulatory Framework

Offering fully regulated STO under Digital Asset Token Offering (DATO) framework from sponsoring to the offering. We make it easy for you to launch digital security.

  • Automated compliance with a proven regulatory framework

Cost Reduction and Saving Benefits

Listing your company on a stock exchange via an IPO could be a time consuming and costly process. With an STO, your company can enjoy:

  • Reduced legal, valuation, auditing time and costs
  • Suitable for projects looking to raise under $10m
  • More flexible fundraising amount

Battle-Tested Primary Offering and Secondary Trading Platform

A secure, stable web-based solution that safeguards all digital exchange data by layered architecture. Providing enhanced security protocol for all customer assets.

  • Order Management System powered by Alphapoint
  • Fully customizable offering profiles and more

Fundraise with our Tokenization Technology

Proven Security Token templates streamline the process of capital raising to allow faster time to market. Built-in programmatic ownership restrictions, you can sell private securities to a global pool of investors while allowing a liquid secondary market to develop.

  • All token templates verified by third-party security experts
  • Programmed regulatory compliance

Effortless Token lifecycle Management

From token creation to the management of investor relations, we provide a one-stop solution for your company to continuously manage its tokens throughout the lifecycle.

  • Continuous cap table management and reporting
  • Automated proceeds distributions

Interact with your Security Token in Real-time

Our Issuance Platform interface grants issuers and transfer agents the power to interact with smart contracts in real-time. This ensures token ownerships and transfers will be compliant. All done on the blockchain level, interaction includes:

  • Token transfers
  • Token minting and burning
  • Pause or resume all token transactions